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ladia and amy lenggong malaysia offgrid livingAbout Ladia and Amy

Ladia and Amy call this land in Lenggong, Malaysia their home.

“We chose to live in the jungle. We’ve been living off-grid here for more than 9 years.

Each on our own, we felt more and more each day that living in the city wasn’t right.  The rat race, the urban environment, the food, the lack of nature, the materialism and the values our urban society lived by.  We began to feel a growing misalignment with its current state and the direction it is heading for.

We longed for a closer connection with the natural world, to dig our hands into the soil and to live as sustainably as possible in preservation of the precious Mother Earth.


Reconnecting with Nature

Heeding our inner need for a connection with our original self which comes from and within Mother Nature herself, we leaped into a life which brought us closer to simplicity and a deeper meaning.  To live in a pristine and wildly natural environment, to dedicate our time and energy in growing our food organically, to remove ourselves from the noise and distractions of the city and to be in an environment where we are learning everyday from our surrounding, our challenges and our experiences.

As we began to strip off the things we believe we needed to survive, we realized that there is so little we truly need. A comfortable sheltered home, pure and clean water, real food from nature – grown and raised naturally with no chemicals, fulfilling relationships with friends and family and of course, a connection to the world through internet!

It ain’t an easy life, it isn’t for everyone but it is best and most fulfilling one for us and our children.  All our energy is dedicated towards living – farming, cooking, building and maintenance.  But we always have space to daydream, have a long bath and read a book (probably in the time that others spent in traffic!).

From our growing experience, we are passionate to share a glimpse of our off-grid life with those who are seeking a new skill, a new possibility or a new similar life.”

*photo by yaohui lim

VLADISLAV KUTA or more simply, LADIA

(excerpts from an article in The Star, 24 July 2010)


Slaving away for years in a bleak corporate world where money reigned, Ladia Kuta decided that enough was enough. He turned his back on consumerism and started life afresh on a piece of land deep in the jungles of Lenggong, Perak. He is now happy and at peace.

“I spent three hours each day stuck in traffic when I was in the construction business. It’s such a cutthroat industry. I longed to run away from the rat race and do something meaningful. Planting a tree makes more sense and gives more satisfaction than selling sand,” says the 37-year-old from Czech Republic, who has been in Malaysia for almost a decade now.

“I was never a farmer but I always had a keen interest in ethno-botany, the study of how plants are used. Lots of people talk, but few actually do anything about it. We decided not to be part of the statistics. It was a significant change in our lifestyle,” he says.  Their concept is simple — to live a life that is in harmony with nature. Some call it permaculture but to them, it’s all about sustainability.

“Permaculture is a way of life. It’s not about money at all. It is essential to form a symbiotic relationship with the environment, an emotional connection with Mother Earth. We design our life around nature, not according to what we want, but what the place is suitable for,” says Kuta who cites The One-Straw Revolution — An Introduction to Natural Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka (www.onestrawrevolution.net), as his main source of inspiration.


Ladia learns through experiences and mistakes.  He is the main designer, plumber, electrician, builder, farmer, mad-scientist and shepherd.  He worked as an industrial climber and scales buildings to do structural safety assessment, trained as a skilled antique furniture restorer and went to engineering school.  He shares with the knowledge gained from constant experimenting and observation and cooks a mean Malaysian meal!



Prior to living in the farm, Amy had zero experience and knowledge of how to farm and live in the jungle.  However she followed her strong gut feel to be as close to nature as possible.  She was the founder and director of a somatic-based healing center in Kuala Lumpur where she worked as a movement therapist and educator.  She had been teaching and educating people with illnesses and injuries since 2004.

As a strong advocate of natural healing, her move to the jungle and towards a simple and rural lifestyle is another step closer to her lifelong inquiry and experiment of the relationship between the way we live and all aspects of our wellbeing.

Born and bred in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, she comes from a varied education background.  After graduating from the University of Melbourne with an accounting degree, she began a career in an international accounting firm before obtaining a Masters in Public Policy & Management from the School of Oriental and African Studies of University of London.  She, however found the most rewarding work in helping people through teaching remedial Pilates & Movement as she witnessed the improvements in people’s lives.  Continuing further into the path of rehabilitative work and to deepen her understanding about the human physiology, she studied Rolfing at the European Rolfing Association in Munich, Germany.

In the farm, Amy cooks, grows and teaches.  She designs the educational programs and workshops and is particularly passionate about cultivating a deep love and respect for nature in children.

Amy also writes on her website, Moving In The Wild, where she shares and guides you towards enriching your life and discovering your true potential through learning how to live in harmony with your body and nature.