my children are young. is it suitable for them?

Yes! Provided you are up for it and ready to expose them to nature as well.  We have guests as young as 11 months old plus we are raising our own children since newborn here.  They truly thrive in this environment. Older children love our refreshing ‘jacuzzi’ and having the freedom to explore the outdoors.  Often it takes urban children a day to settle into the jungle so we recommend to spend at least 2 to 3 nights here for them to fully immerse in the experience.

can i bring my students for a visit?

Yes! We offer educational programs for students and are happy to tailor one to your requirements and objectives.  We recommend at least a 2 night stay and do not suggest day trips because logistics of arriving to our farm will be take up too much of the day.  Find out more information on our group stays page.

i have a piece of land and would like to do something sustainable.  can i visit to see how you do it?

Yes! Come visit us as a guest for a few days, join in our daily routines and take a look at how we do things here such as provide our electricity through solar, grow our food or set-up our water system.   Meanwhile you can enjoy the surroundings and share meals and conversations together.

can i volunteer in your farm?

As we are not a commercial farm, we do not offer work exchange for free accommodation and food.  However we welcome experienced and independent people who wish volunteer for a minimum of 3 weeks with a weekly contribution to food and living costs  which goes to costs of sustaining our farm.

i have some dietary restrictions.  are you able to accommodate them?

Yes! We are happy to cater to your dietary requests.  From our experience however, we find that orthodox vegans are challenging to fit into our normal, wholesome meals.

can i drop by for a few hours to have a chat and look at your land?

No.  Unfortunately our busy work schedule doesn’t permit spontaneous visits or day drop-ins. However we would love to meet you and would highly recommend that you consider coming to stay for a night or two.

can i drive directly to your farm?

No, unless you have a suitable 4WD with off-road driving experience.  We recommend that you park your car in Rumah Rehat Lenggong where it is safe and we will pick you up from there.

i want to escape city life. can i stay for a long time at your farm?

Yes! Living on the land holds very different challenges from city living and from our experience, it is not something that works with an immediate switch.  The most successful transitions come from a gradual move from urban to off-grid living.  If you are interested to stay for a long term and contribute your time and energy into our land, we suggest to start off with coming to visit us as a guest and see for yourself what life here is like.  You’ll know soon enough the answers to your own questions.